Adulting with Tita May

About this site

Adulting [verb] the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks such as paying taxes and running errands.

We have a way of transitioning and coming into grip with ageing in our own way.  I was  thrust into  finding a job right after university, learning how to budget my salary while having expenses in shared & solo living, paying taxes, helping out family, travelling, finding purpose, and amidst all of these-  making sure I have savings and emergency fund too!

Being an adult means BIG decisions to make and most times, it is overwhelming and confusing.

I remember the first time deciding whether to get an insurance or mutual fund, to invest in stocks or cryptocurrency. I was at loss. I remember getting a migraine talking about tax and making a budget from my meager salary. I remember shaking my head when Ponzi schemes have victimized a lot of people including family members.

Life is difficult to navigate but I’ve been lucky to meet people who became mentors. I am getting older and hopefully wiser, as I learned the ropes in living. And I wish to share these learnings.

This is the space where I’ll share what I have learn about finances, love and relationships, travels, heathy habits, and stories of courage and other advocacies.