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Backstory of this blog

Life is on a standstill. This novel coronavirus has disrupted our daily living. Disinfecting, constant hand washing, wearing of face mask and physical distancing of 1-2 meters will be the norm in the next months, or even years.

Who would have thought that this will be a global challenge that changed our lives beyond recognition? Who have thought that staying at home can help our heroes in the frontlines? Who predicted that work from home will be a viable option? So many questions these days.

While we are in this challenging situation, we have now time to reflect on what are the important things in our lives. For those who continue to work, this is also the time to balance housekeeping and needed outputs.

So while working at home, I allotted time for my personal learning. I’ve been studying the stock market, what to expect in the coming days and review of past recessions.

I’ve been checking charts in Investagram, and I shared the article on Stock Market 101 to my account.

And then Datu Veds, one of our partner youth and now a young professional messaged me. He asked me how to invest in the Philippine stock market. I asked him several questions on his financial situation. Before plunging into any investment, assess first. Only when you know your financial situation that you will realize you have to learn budgeting first before you invest. What are the other options to make money aside from the 8-5 jobs and not falling into the get-easy-rich-scheme? These are some of the things we never learned from school.

conversation with the tita

I even joked what if i make a blog about this adulting concerns especially on finances. The idea of getting someone to listen and give answers to your questions, the things I wished I knew before when I was transitioning to adulthood!

I mulled it over for several days, and after asking help from friends, here it is.

The birth of this site.

Idea: May 30, 2020

Launch: June 24, 2020

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