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Goal setting, not just wishful New Year’s Resolutions

How’s your New Year?

Set the goals and set to win! Some of us might want to savor that we were able to survive the year alone, however, this is also the time to reflect, and to make a redirection. Remember the times we laughed and cross out the New Year’s resolutions we promised ourselves to do? It is only as good for a month or two and we’re back to the old habits.

For this year, we should not just be making a list of wishful New Year Resolutions but instead set our eyes ahead. Goal setting is preparing ourselves for the marathon this year. We are on a starting line and we need to envision the direction we want ourselves to be in.

If there is something this pandemic has taught us- this is the year of awakening and bold change. And that change starts with you!

Goal setting is an intentional and reflective exercise of thinking of your ideal future, This is your vision board for the future to remind yourself of your WHY when the going gets tough.

Set your LIFETIME GOALS. Start with a BIG PICTURE.

What do you want to do with your life, say for the next 5 years? Identify the large-scale goals that you want to achieve. You can set goals in important areas of your life: family, career, financial, education, artistic, physical. Sit down and reflect. Make sure these goals are your own and it really motivates you.


Setting your lifetime goals created the big picture. And the next important step is to direct our pysche to focus on a one-year time frame. If that is even overwhelming, you can further break down that goals for month, for a week.

Want to lose weight? Start with a 7 day work-out. Then add more days.

Want to save? Limit your expenses. Why don’t you start deleting that online shopping apps in your phone?

Want to be debt-free? List down all your debts and prioritize paying those with high interest.

Example, my Lifetime Financial Goal is to build my investment and to increase my emergency fund.

This pandemic has taught me the importance of having emergency fund in cases of job loss and also unexpected medical expenses!

Smaller Goals: I have to add Php 3,000 per month to increase my emergency fund. And to do that, I have to either lessen my expenses or to generate side income via part-time freelance writing. This side income also involves learning new skills for the next three months such as copywriting and niche blog writing.

Your smaller goals is also related to your other goals such as education goals. New skills means more opportunities to side hustle wisely.


Set realistic, defined goals that you can measure and you’ll be able to take pride in the achievement of those goals.

Goal setting is a process of reviewing and updating your To-Do List and keeping track that what you are doing is a building block on your lifetime goal. Modify if needed to reflect also the changes in your life and priorities.

Goal setting needs not to be perfect. It is important to set goals that you can achieve. If the goals are too easy, modify. You also need to set goals that are difficult and might take some time to appreciate the struggle and understand the needed skills you need to develop.

Do your goal setting as you start this year. This is the best time to reflect and know yourself- your dreams, your goals and your commitment to achieve those.

Cheers for the New Year, and to a More Mature You.

Photo credits: 2021 goals in notepad by Simon , Set goals by Gabrielle

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