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Is Online Dating for You?

The LOVE month fever is here. It’s the time to be cheesy, to cringe with sappy lovesongs (Pasok Moira!!) and avail of the buy 1 take 1 promos! 😂

Seriously, we are in the second year of unpredictable quarantine and restriction of movements due to new COVID-19 variants. Meeting people at this time and meeting someone to date take more effort. Also, most of us are trying to survive and stuck with our respective work from home set-up, so how are we supposed to meet people to date?

Is there a chance of you to meet The One here in the same area? Or maybe you have tried but failed. Maybe your potential partner is somewhere out there, beyond current geographical borders.

We are more glued to our computers and cellphones especially this pandemic. And whether you admit it or not, you have been thinking of online dating, possibly out of curiousity, out of societal pressure, or just out of boredom. There is a reason why there is an increase in the global online dating market trend.

But is online dating for you?

top online dating apps to try

Here are some of the questions you have to ask yourself to know if this is for you…

  1. Why do you want to try online dating? Are you looking something casual, or are you looking for long-term like marriage? It is important for you to know your reason. If you are just there for a quaranfling (quarantine fling), then by all means, no judgment. Never fall easily for a guy and expect long-term relationship with him when his profile says he is just there for a hook-up.
  2. Are you flexible with meeting people ‘outside of the box’? Are you willing to meet a person who is out of the set of checklist you put yourself? Are there things like a dealbreaker for you- say you’ll never date an anti-vaxxer, a smoker, ultra Conservative ones, someone who does not want kids, or someone who will vote for convicted thieves. 😜
  3. How much are you going to say out there? They say profiles in dating apps are all lies. And it’s true, there is a tendency to write what you think other people will want to read. You can post your impressive resume there but don’t write a novel. Focus on your profile, keep it short, yet interesting, putting down your wants with the goal of matching up with someone who will fit well from a lifestyle perspective.
  4. Also be realistic with your expectations. It is easy to come up with our checklist, but you also have to consider and identify what you can offer for your potential partner. You have to be honest with yourself- know your positive qualities and your weaknesses. 

Dating online is like going to a buffet, there are a lot of selection and you do not need to eat all of them. Online dating is one avenue for you to see variety of prospects and it has its pros and cons. The only way for you to know if you’re okay with it, and what you can tolerate or accept, is to try it. Just always put in your mind,

Why you are doing it and what do you want to get out of it.

Be open but cautious.  

Putting yourself online is one thing. Matching and getting to know that potential partner is another matter. COMMUNICATION with each other and knowing if you both have the same vibes will be another test. Online is different. Will it translate well when you’ve met face to face? Is there any plans even to meet? You both want to check if the online vibes will translate to real-time connection.

You might have heard/ watched the Netflix Documentary Tinder Swindler? The con artists have up their game so you also have to consider things when you put yourself out there in the search for those matches.

Tips on how to protect yourself from online dating scams

Whether you find that someone online or offline, always make sure of your security. The heart is deceitful, do not fall from sweet talk.

Try online dating but never make it as the only way to meet people. Try to make your social circle wider. Make lots of new friends. Join groups that have your interests so you can meet people.

And if you are single right now, celebrate self-love. Do not get pressured to be in a relationship. Sometimes, the right one will come along when you’re not looking and when you are ready.


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Scammer Image by Sammy-Sander from Pixabay

Fraud image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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