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#Quaranfling but guard your feelings

This four-month quarantine locked most of us at home. A lot of time spent online and with our phones. And one of the ways to cope on this prolonged quarantine is to have…a #quaranfling!

Our Enhanced Community Quarantine started last March 15 and extended up to June 15. Some areas in National Capital Region were even declared with Extreme Enhanced Community Quarantine while some areas are under General Community Quarantine. Majority of the areas are now in Modified Community Quarantine. Truth be told, I don’t know the nitty-gritty difference between these categories anymore.

A #quaranfling to be exact; “is an online dating encounter that begins during quarantine, used as a means to fill the dating void, and ends before quarantine is over.”

Most probably, some of you have (re) downloaded those dating apps. Or you might have started talking back to your ex? Ahuuumm…

Careful. Careful.

If you are both consenting adults and know those sweet nothings from midnight till dawn are just a product of boredom and to pass time, then nothing to worry. You got into this kind of relationship fully aware that it is only good while the quarantine is ongoing.

quaranfling or ghosting girl holding cellphone waiting for reply

But as humans longing for connection in this uncertain time, you might have fallen for someone who piqued your romantic and sexual interest. You might have gushed with those daily texts of concern for your health and those deep conversations about life and fears.

You might have asked yourself once if there is a future for this kind. Or has this #quaranfling turned sour and you’re now a victim of ghosting ? Your messages are now just seenzoned and you’re left hanging, awaiting when the next conversation will be.

At the start, you should have known that this relationship might be extended, enhanced or modified. If no one has brought up the idea to bring it to the next level like the real face to face landian, then save yourself from the hassle. Charge it to’re just a #quaranthing and there is no happy ending.

quaranfling but guard your feelings boy holding cellphone

Whatever category the community quarantine now is in your area, know that you still need precautions. You still have to limit your encounters in the public space. One of the needed precautions aside from wearing mask, regular disinfection is guarding your heart!

Always remember- you are a responsible adult. Never play with your feelings or with others. Rethink how you want to go about with your relationship, lockdown or not so you won’t get hurt or cause pain.

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